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Dave and Bonnie

Beginning in 1982, we worked in recruiting and hiring for some of the premier high tech companies in Silicon Valley, including three years in Europe.  We have had Dan the Van, a 1984 Volkswagen camper, since 1991 and have roamed all over the U.S., Mexico and Central America in it for decades.

While now without a home base, our serious commitment to travel as a way of living began in 1998 when we bought Icarus, a thirty-nine foot catamaran sailboat in France.

We then spent summers for six years sailing the length and breadth of the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Syria, Lebanon and Israel, and winters backpacking across Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

In October of 2014 we bought Romy, a rather comfortable motorhome in Europe and will travel broadly in it over the next several years, particularly to those countries we have not yet fully explored.  Married over thirty years, some of our best times have been with our four grown children and eight adorable grandchildren spread across the globe.


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