This was our second trip to Dubai, and as a result we spent less time exploring and more time hanging out with our daughter and granddaughter. It all began with a children’s fashion show which was part of a golf tournament and beauty contest taking place at the Els Country Club, named for and designed by the professional golfer Ernie Els. With a style so typical of Dubai, we were greeted by a barricade of shiny new Ferraris at the front of the club, just to sort of set the tone for the evening.

Dubai 2014_8

 Inside was a cluster of ‘Ferrari Girls,’ all over six feet tall.


In spite of these distractions, we were there to see our granddaughter in her first trip down the runway as a model of the latest in children’s fashion. Here she is doing her end of the runway sideways pose. We loved it!

Beauty & Golf Tour, Dubai 2014_3

More typical is this shot of her, the prolific reader,  comfortable in the big bookstore at one of Dubai’s glorious malls


or peering over our daughter’s shoulder to have a look at her iPhone.


The mall did, however, include that wide spectrum of shoppers we had come to expect and enjoy.


We went as well to a very interesting gallery owned by friends of Shadee’s. Featured was a series of birds constructed entirely of scraps of cardboard and thread—absolutely intriguing and unique.

Dubai 2014_9

But most of the time was spent down along the new beach boardwalk only recently finished and opened to the public. There is very little of the waterfront ordinary people can enjoy since most is given over to private homes, but this stretch of beach is wonderful to walk now that the temperature has dropped into that comfortable range enjoyed in winter.

Dubai 2014_10

Dubai 2014_11

Indeed, our granddaughter was even able to duplicate herself in the sand.